Friday, November 2, 2012


Russell Augustine Phillips Mallasch made his debut at 6:51pm on November 1st.  He is 11 lbs 5 oz, and thats at 4 weeks early.  The ladies in the NICU say that we gave birth to a toddler.  Be praying for him, because he wasn't breathing when he was born.  He is still on oxygen to breath, but they are more positive today about the outcome.  He will most likely be in the NICU for a week.  Here's what you really want:

 Look at all that Hair
Proud hard working Mommy

 22.5 inches long
Double Chin.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Busy Summer!

The Sweet Ceremony

The Favors. So Fun!

Our Beautiful Table

The Bread with our fresh Honey! LOVED it!

Mr. Independent at the Wedding. 

Danny and Erik
We have had a lot of time to visit with Erik's family this summer and we are now gearing up for Fall here in Alaska. We were in Chicago for Emily and Chris' wedding weekend which was full of fun time with Gaggy and Opa, and time with the Mallasch's, and trying to stay hydrated through it all! We definitely have acclimated to Alaska's summer weather, and so Chicago was HOT, both our son and the city! Here are a few pictures from the wedding. We also snuck in some time with Luke and Emily Olsen and the Pfaffe's!

Then, a week and a half later, Karen, Tom and Sophia came for a visit and took us to Homer, AK for the week. Tom and Erik went salmon and halibut fishing and brought home a loot! :) I love having fish! Karen, Sophia and I went around town shopping, and also entertaining lil' Chicago.

It was a little warm in Homer, but Chicago wanted to play anyways. He's stylin' :).  
Chicago LOVES Auntie Sophia and Nana. On the Hill above Homer Spit. 
So, enjoy our little adventure in pictures, and thank you all who participated with us. We love you all!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Aunt Rachel came for a visit!

Family Photo by Seward Marina 
Aunt Rachel came to visit! So much fun!

The Beach house we rented in Miller's Landing just outside of Seward, AK

Seward was beautiful this time of year, chilly, but that's to be expected. 
Erik's Aunt from Dallas came to visit us over this last week. We decided it'd be a good time to get outta town for a few days, so we booked a beach house in Seward and took off for some much needed time away! It was a wonderful trip! We ate at restaurants that Aunt Rachel found that had good reviews and we were definitely surprised at just how delicious they were! :) Go Seward! We had fun shopping in the little stores, playing Rummikub at night and spending lots of time catching up! Chicago was interesting in a new place, to say the least :). He couldn't handle Erik and me sleeping in the same room with him, so we were out on the futon in the living room :). Oh well, atleast we got some sleep! While walking through the marina one night, we heard a weird noise in the water, Erik went to find it, and we saw a huge sea lion catching some air! It was very cool!
We are sad to see Aunt Rachel go back to Dallas, but we will cherish the time we had with her! Thanks for allowing her to come see us Uncle Robin! :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Lil' Man is Growing Up, But Still Needs Mommy!

So, today Chicago was "helping" me sweep outside in the carport. He loves the broom (and vacuum too) and so it was fun to allow him to help. He's been walking around EVERYWHERE, but there is inevitably a tumble here or there. So today, he tumbled, but not wanting to let go of the broom, he actually squished his fingers a bit between the carport and holding the broom. Poor guy! He starts bawling. I take him inside, wash off his little fingers. He was more mad than anything and didn't want to go inside or leave the broom, but his little fingers hurt too badly! So, then I grabbed his milk and headed for the couch with him. He sat there a few minutes drinking continually, and as I was talking to him softly, he nodded off to sleep. Now, this is the first time in a long time that he's fallen asleep in my arms. He is now able to fall asleep on his own in his I wanted to cherish this moment as long as I could. I even shed a tear thinking of my lil' man growing up. So, in those moments of debating to take him to his crib and risk him waking up, I sat there thinking of Chicago-isms.

1. He paces. Because our apartment is small, and because Chicago is VERY active, he paces around the house this way and that. (by the way, I LOVE having a small apartment for this very fact! :))

2. He waves hello and goodbye and is quite friendly, well, as long as Mommy or Daddy are within earshot.

3. He loves to say "eh eh" (our version of "no", not on purpose) right before he's about to do something naughty. (I guess it's like a warning to us :))

4. When I ask him if he's hungry, he warbles his tongue back and forth, thinking he's using words. :)

5. When I ask him to get his crackers, he goes to the cupboard and pulls out the goldfish bag, or the saltines, then brings them to me. I give him a few, and he then shares with November.

6. He likes to put his arms behind his back when he's running from us.

7. He's pointing at everything and especially loves the rock bed in the front.

8. He loves the vacuum, like I mentioned earlier, but he actually will follow me around the room trying to touch the wheels while I'm cleaning.

9.  He is very musical and started dancing this morning to some Hawaiian tunes we have.

10. Whenever my phone rings, or I get a text, he immediately says "Da da?"

Well, I have no pictures today, but hopefully you are able to picture some of these moments with me. I enjoy the little things my son is learning everyday and am amazed at what he has even learned this week! Thanks for reading! I will post pictures soon....when I bring the camera home from church.

Have a great day!
Hugs and Love,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sing to me Daddy!

We've noticed how much Chicago LOVES music! Erik will play his guitar and Chicago will start singing with him. He also will tap on Erik's leg along with the beat. A friend of mine starting playing her piano while we were at her place for play date one day. Chicago went from being kind of whiny (it was nap time), to standing next to Bridget, my friend, and joining her tickling the ivories! :) We are excited to encourage this love in the future!